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Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery


Laser Cataract Surgery

Also known as Bladeless cataract surgery, the newest technology available is used to remove the cataract with Laser Precision without a blade. Over time, the natural lens of the eye can become clouded, creating a visual disturbance. When the patient decides that disturbance is interfering with daily life, Dr. Rubinchik can remove the cataract, using the LenSx femtosecond laser. Laser energy is used to create the incision to enter the eye, as well as correct for astigmatism in the cornea. The same laser also dissects the clouded lens, preparing it for removal from the eye. The laser procedure allows correction for small amounts of astigmatism, previously untreatable with traditional cataract surgery, as well as exact reproducibility – the most precision available in cataract surgery today.

After removal of the cataracts lens, a tiny lens implant is inserted to allow clear vision again. There are implant options available(ATIOL), to correct for astigmatism or to grant vision without dependence on glasses, should a patient wish to pursue this option. Payment plans are available to make it easy to afford the upgrade during this once in a lifetime procedure. Imagine life without glasses after cataract surgery…it is possible. You are worth it! 

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