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Michael Ehrenhaus, MD

Ophthalmologist located in Brooklyn, NY

About Dr. Ehrenhaus

Dr. Ehrenhaus, or as we call him, Dr. Mike, is one of the few "go to" Cornea specialist in New York City.

His rigorous training in NY and California combined with his past work experience at SUNY Downstate and a busy referral practice make him an expert at all sorts of invasive and non-invasive corneal anterior segment procedures.

PKP, DSAEK, ICL, MIGS, CXL, LASIK (and more): Dr. Mike can explain the most complicated situations in English or Spanish and then expertly achieve a favorable outcome. He frequently travels to the Dominican Republic to perform charity care and teach other physicians.

When not practicing medicine, or traveling Dr Ehrenhaus enjoys landscaping and spending time with his family.