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The Importance of Protecting Your Eyes From the Sun

Now that summer is here, we’re all ready to spend as much time as possible having fun in the sun. However, the team at Smart Eye Care wants to remind you it’s important to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of too much sun exposure.


Our expert care team can help you put together solutions to protect your eyes, safeguarding your vision and future health. We offer preventative eye care services to new and existing patients from conveniently located offices in Brooklyn, New York City. Here’s what we want you to know about the importance of protecting your eyes from harmful sun exposure this summer.


Solar rays and their risks


The light and heat of the sun occur because of the ultraviolet, or UV, radiation it emits. UV radiation can be broken down further into UVA and UVB categories. The sun isn’t the only potential source of UV radiation you could encounter. Tanning beds and other UV spectrum lights also emit this type of potentially harmful radiation and can have impacts on your overall health and wellness.


UV radiation can burn the surface of your skin — the reaction we commonly call a sunburn. UV radiation can also negatively impact your eyes in several types of ways. If your eyes are exposed to too much UV radiation, you could be at an increased risk of conditions including:

Stay cool and safeguard your eyes

You don’t have to avoid going outside to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. With the help of the right sunglasses and shades, as well as changes to your awareness, you can keep your eyes from experiencing negative effects. The Smart Eye Care team recommends that you:

You should protect yourself with sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher whenever you’re outside, to reduce your risk of burning and skin cancers. Oil-free and other special formulations for sensitive skin can be good for use around your face and eyes.

For personalized advice on protecting your eyes from UV radiation, and a full range of vision accessories, including prescription sunglasses, contact Smart Eye Care today. Our New York City, New York offices are open with social distancing precautions on a limited schedule, and we also offer video conferencing. You can book your appointment over the phone, or request one with the online tool.

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